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conewafer Your ready guide for Wafer Biscuit Technology

Raw Material

Pre-Requisite for wafer batter preparation:

The wafer quality depends on the accuracy during preparation, particularly as far as weighing and mixing are concerned. In the course of the whole mixing process the consistency is changing due to material dissolving and swelling processes, gluten development and reactions with other raw material, including air etc. when a certain.

Consistency is reached; the mixing process is finished, particularly when a uniform mixing of all ingredients allows for an accurate batching of the dough on the baking plates.

We recommend to leave the dough 10 minutes, if possible, and to pass it through a serve afterwards in order to hold back all particles which have not been dissolved completely. The dough will also swell again. If flour with higher level of coarsely ground grain is used, the dough should even be left for about 30 minutes the longer the dough can rest the better will be its flowability. This is referred to as natural slackening of the dough; modify the dough quality since the readjusting of the batching pump cannot compensate it completely.


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