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 Raw Material

Fats :

Best suited as fat ingredients are vegetable oil which be as tasteless as possible, such as peanut, sunflower, and Soya oil as well as cooking fats.
The cooking fats are melted, before they are added, in order to distribute them homogeneously in the dough. The amount is about 1 to 2.5% according to the share of fat ingredients in order to prevent fat particles from recrystallizing the dough temperature must not to be too low (20 - 25 C) otherwise unappetizing light spots can appear on the water.
During the baking process the cooking fat contained in the dough acts as a release agent, since in most cases the baking plates are not greased additionally and the fat coming out of the dough prevents the baking on apart from this main function, the addition of fat is to effect favorably on the baking result, if stronger flours have to be used .
If the greasing of the baking plates is unavoidable, please use fat which do not leave any remain on the baking plates. Best suited is cocoa butter whereas bees wax is also suited.

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