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Raw Material

Judging Wafer Sheet :

The wafer sheet quality can be judged sensory and by measuring techniques.

Measured Values
- Length, width, height of the sheet (mm)
- Sheet weight (g)
- Specific volume (cm/g of wafer)
- Breaking force (N/mm of wafer height)

Sensory judging
From the sensory point of view the following factors can be Judged:
Shape even, slightly wavy, wavy, not filled out, even shape, only just even, different shape Surface even, porous, streaky, cracked, with bubbles, rough Brownness week, normal strong even brownness almost even and uneven brownness pouring stripes hardly or not to be seen. Stability stable, slightly susceptible to breaking susceptible to breaking. Structure fine, medium, coarse, even slightly uneven to uneven Loosening loose, medium, dense Break delicate, medium, hard, short, slightly tough, waxy, even break surface, battle break surface. Chewing delicate, crispy, hard, short, soft, tough, impression sticky rough brittle Taste perfectly savory, tasty, pure, soluble, crispy reduced (tasteless, mealy, nasty) Flavor perfect (aromatic, well compound), reduced.

Shelf life
The shelf life of wafers is dependent to a great extent on the storage condition and on the packaging quality. The wafer manufacturer guarantees a minimum shelf life of half a year with water vapor-tight packaging wafer sheets is strongly hygroscop¬ic due their large surface. Immediately after baking they rapidly absorb water from the air and in addition to their sensory characteristics they change their shape as well (extension of length and width).


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