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Technique for Baking Wafer Sheets

Recipes and raw materials and their influence on the Wafer Production.

The dough for wafer is simply made. It mainly consists of 2 main ingredients - Wheat flour and water. The other ingredients are added only in small doses in order to improve the process ability of the dough, the baking process and the quality of the wafer sheet, its browning, crispness and taste. These ingredients should go well with
each other. It is recommended to measure out the ingredients in the following ranges:

Wheat Flour 100
Water 150-200
Fat/Oil 3-4
Sugar 1-4
Powdered Milk 2-4
Emulsifier 0.2-0.5
Raising Agent 0.2-0.3
Salt 0.1-0.3

The wafer recipes of different manufacturers distinguish only slightly they are fixed individually depending on the requirement and the purpose of use of the wafer (Flat or hollow wafers, etc.)


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